Squaretek, a telecom consulting company that has developed expertise in engineering, training and software integration of telecom equipments and networks. With a strong telecom and protocol background, our telecom engineering team has acquired during the last 20 years a significant experience and expertise in protocols, especially in wireless networks, ranging from SS7 to GSM, GPRS/EDGE and UMTS networks. Our engineers built this strong experience through their active participation to key projects at many of the leading telecom providers labs : Nokia, Alcatel, Siemens and Tekelec/Catapult. Squaretek also provides professional training sessions in the field of protocols and network architectures for several telecommunication operators and training centers in Middle East and Africa. Since March 2003, Squaretek has extended its scope of activities by developing software solutions designed to increase the value of corporate information systems, such as CRM and SMS based services.

A pool of technical skills

  • Implementation and testing of telecommunication protocols

    • more  than  two  years  experience  in  the  development  of Tekelec/Catapult  MGTS  products  and their  integration  with  telecom  vendor  equipments  :  development  of  testing  scenarios  based on state machines implementing 3GPP standards as well as vendor-specific features
    • protocol analyzer and load simulator operation and use   expertise: Tekelec/Catapult MGTS platform, Tektronix K12xx, Nethawk

References  :  product  integration  GSM/GPRS  Abis  stream  for  Alcatel  (Velizy,  France)  and Nokia  (Espoo,  Finland),  testing  of  UMTS  Iu  interface  for  Siemens  (München,  Germany), upgrade of GPRS Gb/Gn protocol stack to release ETSI SMG32 for Tekelec/Catapult, product integration with SS7oATM Compaq  node (Nice, France), feasibility study  to upgrade MGTS towards EDGE standard for Catapult NDB

  • Software development

    • w-Board,  a  solution  for  CRM  and  PUSH/PULL  services  by  SMS,  issued  from  a  strong expertise in SMS protocols on Air interface /SMPP and information systems

    • design  and  implementation  using  object-oriented  techniques  (C/C++/C#)  on  Windows, UNIX and vxWorks platforms

References  :  Mobinil,  Business  Documents,  Discovery  Informatique,  Editions  Profil, Fatales/Nocibé,  Sud  express,  Baguette  &  Baguette,  Société  Jomâa/Fix  N’  Go,  SFBT/FP7, Sotuchoc/Label, ADA, GEISER, Club87006, NG Trend

  • GSM network engineering

    • expertise  in  QoS  control  on  Air  interface  during  capacity  extension  and  optimization  phases, assistance to elaboration of technical offers (drive tests, GSM audit)

References : Tunisie Telecom, Network Expertise Tunisia

  • Training in protocols and telecommunication networks)

    • elaboration and customization of training courses on request

    • courses  covering  a  wide  range  of standards  :  SS7  signaling,  ATM,  SDH,  Intelligent Network, next-generation  networks,  voice  over  IP,  GSM/CDMA  protocols  and  engineering,  2.5G  and 3G mobile standards (EDGE, UMTS)

References  with  telecom  operators  :  Sudatel  (Sudan),  STC  (Saudi  Arabia),  Benin Telecom/Libercom  (Benin),  Sahelcom  (Niger),  Togo  Telecom/Togo  Cellulaire  (Togo),  BIDC Lome (Togo), Siemens Jakarta